Dec 22, 2016

How to create an emergency plan for your office

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Even if rain isn’t in the forecast, most of us still store an umbrella somewhere. We all have a spare tire even though we don’t expect to get a flat. We still [...]

Dec 1, 2016

New law is aimed at protecting health care workers from violence

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Stronger workplace violence regulations demand a comprehensive, superior safety system. A national research study shows that health care workers are at a higher risk of workplace violence than the average worker. It [...]

Mar 23, 2016

Two Important Lessons Learned from our Customers

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We've been collaborating recently with a friend, John Baker, Safety and Security Manager for Lancaster Lebanon IU13 in Pennsylvania. John requested I draft a guest blog post last week, and it just went live here. [...]

Apr 28, 2015

Something New

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Starting a company or building anything new is really tough.  Why?  Because of the herd mentality.  The other day I brought my kids to their weekly swimming lesson, but this time something was different.  For [...]

Mar 11, 2015

Text-to-911 Map(s)

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In the last few weeks we have been peppered with lots of questions about our Text-to-911 map and availability checker, so I am going to address them here. The Text-to-911 map is really a composition [...]