Connect to Official Responders

We, at PunchAlert, are aware of the importance of quickly routing emergencies to responders both internal and official.  Most emergencies that occur in an organization are quickly resolved by internal responders; however, in the case of Active Threats (active shooter, bomb threat, criminal threat, fire) when response time and alerting official responders is crucial, we have provided numerous ways that you can quickly use in the PunchAlert app through a call to 911, text-to-911, 911+, and a direct connection to your official responders.


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How to Connect with Official Responders

Your official responders are given the PunchAlert platform free, including training and setup of the PunchAlert product.  When the setup of the official responder group is complete, your organization will be able to request monitoring. Once the official responder group accepts the request, active monitoring of your organization is established.

How does this work during an Emergency

During an emergency you will be able to notify official responders in addition to your organization using either the PunchAlert mobile app or the PunchAlert administrative web console.

Benefits to all

With a direct connection to Official Responders, your organization has the ability to release the alert quickly but also share with the official responders what is happening on your campus, from the time of the alert until the emergency is resolved.

Interested in Connecting?

If your organization is interested in being directly connected with Official Responders then contact us and we will do the rest.