Learn about the all-in-one mobile safety communication solution and discover how organizations across the country are using PunchAlert.


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Are You Prepared for the RNC?

Wednesday, July 10 at 11am ET

Learn about what your business can do to prepare for the Charlotte Republican National Convention. Join our special guest as we discussion how your organization can work with local authorities and community members to work together to prepare for a large event in their city.


Past Webinars

What’s New in PunchAlert?

In this webinar, we cover explore our recent updates, new product releases, and other exciting announcements including:

New Admin Web Console
New Mobile Apps (v5.5)
New Public Mass SMS Functionality
New Emergency Conference Line Available
And much more…


Intro to NFPA 3000

In this webinar, guest speaker Sergeant Chris Kopp provides and introduction and background to the new NFPA 3000 standard.

NFPA 3000 TM is a provisional standard created in response to the growing number of active shooter/hostile events, with input from responders directly involved with recent incidents along with experts from a wide range of specialties, including the DOJ, the FBI, DHS, and more.


RESCUE by PunchAlert

Rescue: The Future of Wearable Safety

Check out the latest product by PunchAlert called Rescue. Rescue provides immediate awareness of an emergency in water, or with the press of a button. Have confidence in your ability to handle a crisis with the Rescue alert system, by PunchAlert.


Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness 101 – What you need to do to prepare and how you can respond within seconds if a major natural disaster hits your community.


What’s New at PunchAlert?

Check out our mid-summer updates, new product releases and other exciting announcements. We will have a special guest on the webinar with us to discuss best practices. Join us and you will receive an emergency action plan checklist to help prepare you for critical event management.


Emergency Prevention Practices For The Workplace


Ready To Put The Pieces Together?
How Prepared Are You For Today’s Workplace Emergencies?
Join us and our special guest, Felix P. Nater, CSC, Security Management Consultant, President and Owner of Nater Associates, Ltd to discuss preventative strategies to keep your workplace safe.

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Housekeeping Panic Button – How to Protect Your Housekeepers and Be in Compliance with the New Law

PunchAlert covers some of the details of the New Jersey law requiring hotels to provide their workers with wearable panic buttons they can press to summon help quickly in an emergency.

Using Digital Signage To Make Your School Safer

Rise Vision and PunchAlert join forces in this webinar to demonstrate the ways institutions can use digital signage as a communication tool during emergencies.

Advancing the Future of 911

Behind the Scenes with the 911 Experts from Bandwidth.com. Learn about the new 911+ Connect service by PunchAlert.

Learn about 911+ and the new PunchAlert app

Learn how to call 911+ while simultaneously reporting an emergency to your organization. Experience the new chat interface with responders in the stream. Manage emergencies as a responder with more control than ever before. Follow organizations nearby to receive and respond to announcements. Send announcements to your organization, right from the mobile app. Post or interact with tips in your organization or the public around you.

How PunchAlert has Positively Impacted the YMCA of Charlotte

Guest speaker Kim Conroy, Association Risk Manager at the YMCA of Charlotte, has balanced risk-taking with amazing experiences for 270,000 members, 5,000+ staff, and 5,000+ volunteers per year.

How PunchAlert is Changing Safety Communication in Healthcare Organizations

Guest speaker Bryan Warren, Director of Corporate Security for Carolinas HealthCare System, has over 27 years of healthcare security experience and has been named one of the Top 30 Voices in Healthcare Security by Forbes.