Fitness Center Case Study

Fitness centers use PunchAlert on a regular basis for any situation that requires staff awareness and communication.


Women’s Health Center

A member came to the front desk asking for assistance with a woman in the sauna who was complaining of severe abdominal pain. The front desk staff quickly pressed the emergency button in the PunchAlert app and reported the medical emergency in the Sauna. 

Shortly after, the responder team rushed to the sauna with medical supplies in hand. When they arrived, the member was visibly in pain and scared. She told the staff responder that she had pulled something in her abdomen, causing excruciating pain. 

Her breathing was rapid and she was sweating profusely, likely caused by the sauna. The member began breathing normally after oxygen was provided. Medics checked her, took her to the hospital and the team resolved the emergency in under 10 minutes.

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