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Enterprise Solution

A large non-profit organization with multiple branches, each at different locations, wanted a safety solution that would allow each branch to establish its own safety teams, type of emergencies, and onboard its own users but still be able to monitor emergencies and other functions as if one operating unit. Using the enterprise solution, enterprise administrators and responders can view all emergencies that occur at the branches as well as declare an emergency for one or more branches. The Punch Alert enterprise solution also allowed this organization to send out daily Announcements at the branch or association level to both employees and members.

YMCA - Enterprise Solution
Scheduled Protection

Scheduled Protection

An organization devoted to promoting and strengthening their community through a strong business sector wanted a solution that would be flexible enough to protect a variety of venues used for member meetings and events. With Punch Alert, they established “protected areas” or geofences for all their venues. When needed they could activate or deactivate the “protected area.” In addition, they could schedule “protection” based on exact times the venue was used.

Event Safety Management

Protecting event participants as well as employees working events is of utmost importance to one organization. Working with this organization, Punch Alert provided a variety of communication tools – tips, announcements, integration with digital signage – along with emergency management and communication to promote a safer and connected environment.

Event Safety
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