in the power of good.

Punch Alert is a mobile safety platform
that connects individuals, organizations,
and official responders into a trusted community of safety.

See something,

share something.

Using Punch Alert you can quickly and
quietly "see something, share something"
increasing public safety for those around you.


and protect.

Punch Alert provides a safety and
emergency management platform that
delivers help and information faster by
enabling a larger community of first responders.

One Solution for Safety
Everywhere You Go

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How Can Punch Alert Work For You?

Punch Alert
The Universal Safety Solution



PAL Community


Official Responders

Official Responders

Punch Alert empowers Administrators, Responders and Employees to better manage safety and security risks


Quickly and Discreetly Report Emergencies
You can report an emergency quickly by pressing the red button to on-site responders and then discreetly share any additional emergency information through a text, photo, video, or recording.


Real Time Location Tracking
When you report an emergency, your location is sent to responders providing connected campuses and organizations real-time location tracking at the time of the emergency, for the duration of the emergency, and ending when emergency is resolved.


Rapid Response
Reducing the response time saves lives. Through location awareness and mass communication, Punch Alert works to bring about reduction of response time and quicker resolution of the reported emergency.


Crowdsource Content
Punch Alert provides two-way communication during an emergency allowing all users to be involved and informed. Crowdsourcing content provides responders diverse information needed to aid in the resolution of an emergency.


Mobile Emergency Management
Punch Alert allows local and official responders to manage an emergency in a coordinated and efficient manner from the time the emergency is received until it is resolved.


An organization uses Punch Alert announcements to distribute safety information to users, both inside and outside of organization.


Post Tips
It‘s all about keeping users safe and informed! Punch Alert users will be able to quickly report a safety concern -“Tip” – through a Blue button and view other reported tips.

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Punch Alert provides an efficient and comprehensive solution to manage an emergency from start to finish

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Punch Alert Mobile App
designed for responders to manage an emergency “on the move” and for users to be connected during the emergency.

All Devices

Web Console
used by Punch Alert administrators and responders to manage groups, users, locations, announcements, emergencies, settings and reports.

Location iBeacons

leveraged by the mobile app to provide responders and administrators detailed indoor location of all users.

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