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In addition to emergency management, K12 schools and districts make use of other features available through the Punch Alert platform:

  • Off-Campus Incident Reporting
    Punch Alert can be used both on or off campus. Recently on the way to a sporting event, the school activity bus broke down. Using Punch Alert, the coach reported the incident to school responders. Responders quickly dispatched a repair team and another bus to the location sent by Punch Alert.
  • Safety Tips
    Using the Punch Alert Tips module, a faculty member posted a tip, and a picture, that an unwanted bird was flying in the cafeteria. The tip responder quickly reacted bringing appropriate tools to “direct” the bird from the cafeteria.
  • Attendance
    During an evacuation, faculty were able to use the Punch Alert attendance to communicate to responders that all their students were present, they were missing students, they had extras, or they had visitors. Responders not only released the names of missing students to staff and faculty but compared with extras reported to quickly locate each student. Responders can view attendance reports in the Punch Alert app during the emergency. Once resolved, these reports are maintained for further review in the web console.
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Universities and Colleges use Punch Alert for the personal safety of Faculty/Staff and Students:

  • Reported Hit and Run
    The license plate of a car fleeing from a hit and run onto the college campus was captured in the Punch Alert mobile app and sent to responders who quickly released it to faculty, staff, and students. A user saw the vehicle and reported its location to the college’s responders through the Punch Alert app. Police were notified and detained the car and driver. Responders, through Punch Alert, resolved the incident and indicated an “All Clear.”
  • Power Outage
    Using Punch Alert announcements, emails and text messages was sent to all campus users indicating a power outage in the Student Center. Periodic updates were given and a final message indicating power restored. In the announcement, comments were solicited if anyone was experiencing a problem due to the outage. The Punch Alert announcement administrator viewed all comments and acted accordingly.
  • Viewable Emergency Plans
    Colleges and universities direct students to view their emergency plans by opening the Punch Alert app and selecting Networks from the left navigation window. Emergency plans are distributed during an emergency but are always accessible through the Punch Alert app for them to review when needed.
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Using the announcements, schools can quickly communicate with all or specific users on or off campus. Using their Punch Alert mobile app, users can, through Tips, report safety hazards located on campus to appropriate school staff. All users have the ability to report emergencies to school responders providing their location and type of emergency. Punch Alert keeps users connected and promotes a safer campus.
Provide your users the ability to quickly report an emergency anytime and anywhere. Punch alert is a “panic button” in your pocket. Press the red button, sending who you are, where you are, and type of emergency. Punch Alert notifies the nearest responders in real time providing the user a quicker response to their emergency.
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