Schools and Universities are using PunchAlert to better prepare, manage and resolve emergencies, and to keep everyone connected.

Visitors, students, faculty, and staff can easily report emergencies and safety concerns to your on-site responders. Campus security can crowdsource information and send mass emergency notifications through PunchAlert’s app and web console.

K-12 Schools


During an evacuation, faculty can use the PunchAlert attendance to report to responders whose missing, if extras, or if guests.  Responders will receive this information and be able to determine who has not been accounted for and quickly locate each student.


Using the Punch Alert Tips, a faculty member posted a tip to Unwanted Animal indicating that a bird was currently flying in the cafeteria and causing havoc among the students currently eating. The tip responder received an email as soon as the tip was posted and was able to quickly “direct” the bird from the cafeteria.


PunchAlert can be used both on or off campus. Recently on the way to a sporting event, the school activity bus broke down. Using PunchAlert, the coach reported the incident to school responders. Responders quickly dispatched a repair team and another bus to the location sent by PunchAlert.

Colleges & Universities


PunchAlert announcements are easily sent to all or to specific groups using push notifications, emails, text messages, or tweets. Schools can send information about any event, such as, a power outage, school closing, hazard on campus, or school meeting. In addition, the announcement can request a response, for example, a Yes/No or their current location.


Students can post tips anonymously removing the worry of retaliation or a feeling of embarrassment.  They can report hazing, theft, harassment, suspicious activity, drug use, and more to campus officials anonymously creating a safer campus for everyone.


Students can view the school’s emergency plans through the PunchAlert app at any time. In addition, emergency plans are sent to everyone’s phone during an emergency.

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