Healthcare organizations are using Punch Alert to connect, protect, and be innovative.

Safer Environments

A large healthcare system enabled the Punch Alert public network to connect patients and visitors while on hospital campuses. By joining the public network, visitors and patients receive announcements and emergency alerts sent by the hospital keeping them “in the know” and promoting a safer environment.

Home Care

Scalable Response

Punch Alert provides a “scalable response” for hospital security – allowing them to choose who to notify (security, employees, patients, visitors) and when based on the type of emergency.

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Customer Satisfaction

Through Tips, hospitals have provided patients and visitors a quick way to give a “thumbs up” or “thank you” when a hospital employee provided extra help or exemplary care during their stay.

Customer Satisfaction
Medical Budget

Budget Considerations

Hospitals are constantly looking to provide safe and welcoming environments but keep costs down. With Punch Alert, there is no capital expenditure and no maintenance. What better way to provide visitors, patients, and hospital workers – both in the hospital and transient – a mobile “panic” button!