New Integration: Rise Vision

Ever since the initial launch of the PunchAlert platform, we have strived to integrate with the systems that our customers already had in place. That effort or commitment has not changed.

One area that we’ve never been able to focus on or promote, is Digital Signage. We’ve been asked about it many times, but the landscape wasn’t clear enough for us to really focus on and pursue. That recently changed. We were asked by an enterprise prospect, which ones (digital signage) we supported; and we offered up two. Those solutions/integrations were driven by our customers and the integrations were done by them as well.

We made a command decision to officially and formally partner with a Digital Signage company and offer the integration natively on the PunchAlert platform.

When we started reviewing the Digital Signage landscape, there were a few frontrunners, but none as elegant or easy to work with as Rise Vision ( Several of our existing customers had hacked together solutions that worked for them, but we wanted to make it easier and, well, more integrated. So, we’ve done just that. We are very proud to announce our partnership and support for Rise Vision Digital Signage.

If you are in the market for a Digital Signage product, or maybe looking to upgrade your existing digital signage, we strongly encourage you to give Rise Vision a look and try it out; you will not be disappointed.

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