Breaking It Down – Personal Safety Apps & What PunchAlert Can Do That No Other App Can

PunchAlert Safety AppHave you ever wondered, WHY… in this modern world of technology, when you can order pizza with a tap of your finger on your phone, or a driver, and a date for tonight and a myriad of other things, you can’t do the same thing when you are in danger or have an emergency? Why?

It seems common sense, and like it would be one of the first apps developed… but unfortunately due to an antiquated national emergency system called 911, it has been really hard for modern technology to work with the red tape an infrastructure that currently exists. PunchAlert however is finally bridging the gap between technology and safety and 911.

Enter, PunchAlert, a mobile app that allows you to report an emergency with the click of its red button, alerting the nearest responders of your emergency as well as your exact location. With PunchAlert’s 911+, you can call 911 and send your exact location, name, and phone number to the 911 call center all at the same time. This is AMAZING but it is not all that PunchAlert offers.

Yes, there are other safety apps that alert pre-designated contacts; however your safety contact may be miles away and unable to get to you quickly. So what is the best thing to do? Well, alert the good people that are the closest to you and at the same time alert the 911 system of your exact location via text message, and or audio and video of your situation. AMAZING! All those things can happen at the same time. Well punch alert does even more than that.

Let’s break this down though, feature by feature.

Instance 0 — Report a missing or found item

Your dog is missing and you need help finding him or perhaps it is your keys or wallet you dropped on your walk home.
Use PunchAlert to post a tip notifying those around you of your situation and what you lost. Once found, a message can be sent to you letting you know it has been found. COOL!

Instance 1 — Escalating situation

Your date does not want to go home and you can see there might be a problem.
You can use PunchAlert to request help from nearby neighbors or using 911+, call 911 but also notify your friends and family at the same time. Your nearby friends can act quickly until officials arrive.

Press a button in the PunchAlert app to let people near you know that you need help now. Your neighbor can see this instantly and come knock on your door to diffuse the situation and see your visitor out of your home. Way faster than texting your friend that lives 8 miles away and with less mess PSHEW!

Instance 2 — Accident and need immediate help

Your car runs off the road, down a hill, and into a raging river and you don’t know where you are.
Unfortunately this actually happened and has been an oft cited in reports. The trapped individual was able to call a 911 center but their location was never located. The individual drowned. Using PunchAlert’s 911+, you will not only be able to call directly to 911 but at the same time information giving your exact location, name, and phone number is sent to the 911 call center. In addition, you can alert your family and friends of your situation.

You say how does 911 not know where I am? Well it’s true, when you’re on your cell phone they have to locate you via cell towers to get your general vicinity but they don’t know your exact location. LIFESAVING APP!

Instance 3 — Active Threat

Say you see someone suspicious with an automatic rifle on your college campus or in a public space.
Many types of organizations are using PunchAlert to protect their campuses, their employees, member, and visitors. In the advent of an active shooter, using PunchAlert you can quickly press the red button, again giving your name, exact location- down to the room & building you are in, and the type of emergency to internal responders on campus. Internal responders will be able to quickly contact officials and all people located on campus and make them aware of the active threat as well as relay safety procedures and recommended evacuation routes. Through PunchAlert you can directly call a responder, post a picture or video, send a recording, or chat with responders to help everyone more quickly resolve the situation and save precious seconds and lives. COMMUNITY SAVING INVENTION!

PunchAlert is looking to keep you safe no matter where you are and regardless of the situation.


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