The New PUNCH ALERT is Finally Here

In the last year, we’ve been very privileged to work with some of the best schools, organizations, law enforcement groups, and public facilities in the country. Particularly in our home Charlotte market, the Punch Alert network is building such that we can protect the same people in different places across the city over the course of a day. We’ve learned from our customers some critical lessons: The most important of which is that we don’t need so many tools… we just need one communication platform that connects everyone, and every organization, everywhere. This idea is manifest in the new release of our platform, which we are proud to announce today!


  • New IOS and Android apps with a fresh new design
  • New PAL Community launches in public beta
  • New Website clarifying the vision of Punch Alert
  • New Web Console for administrators and responders
  • New Mac app available for download for our organizational users

We couldn’t have reached this milestone without the great support of our customers, advisors, partners, and friends. Please try these new products and give us your feedback. We are extremely excited and hope you share our passion for community safety!


Greg Artzt, co-founder & ceo

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