5 Corporate Benefits of a Mobile Emergency Alert System Within a Business Enterprise

As urban migration increases, more and more people are working in office spaces in giant corporate buildings. When examining an emergency alert system as a company wide safety platform, consider these 5 points for the benefits of having a mobile based emergency alert system.

1. Affordability

Having a cell phone, especially a smartphone, has become almost a necessity for people these days. The cell phone bill has become as much a part of our lives as the water or heating payment. 95% of people own a cellphone and 77% of those are smartphones. Because so many people own a mobile device, half of the issue in getting everyone the access to an emergency system platform is solved. For a security company to come in and install a full system in a particular corporation, costs can range from $1500-$2000 just for installation. The cost for mobile based emergency systems can be significantly less.

2. Versatility

Many alert systems that corporations use are single action based systems. A fire alarm only alerts if there is a fire. A carbon monoxide detector only alerts high CO levels. But what if anything else happens? Mobile applications can be tailored to have an array of functions for the user. Most applications on the app store are updated on a monthly and, for a few, a weekly basis. With apps being so versatile, an emergency alert system with a host of safety functions are easily accessible to the user in times of an emergency.

3. Eyes Everywhere

One of the most critical aspects of an emergency is communication. In New York, city officials used a mobile device based emergency alert system to notify patrons of the city of a suspected bomber. Mayor Bill de Blasio called the system “a very valuable tool.” While New York is a little bigger than an office space, buildings are still very large. Office buildings built after the year 2000 have an average size of 19,000 square feet. Emergency alert systems that are in your pocket can alert you of something happening even if you are in a completely different area of the office building or space.

4. Discreetness

In the event where silence is of the utmost importance, having a mobile device app that can silently send out a request for help is crucial. Where the average response time of police is 11 minutes, it is important that people in a harmful situation do not create sounds that can attract danger. Mobile device based emergency apps can help avoid exactly that. If, in the unfortunate and terrifying event where a person holding a firearm has made their way into a particular work space – an alarm going off to alert everyone within the office may only escalate the situation. An app that can silently report a problem across a platform to many users at the same time can achieve the exact same goal as a silent alarm.

5. Ease of Use

Safety app producing companies such as Punch Alert have worked with safety experts and leading UX designers in order to make their product as easily navigable as possible. What is the point of using an app that is hard to use when you are in an emergency? One would already be stressed and traumatized in the situation and app designers know that. Besides safety, designers number one goal is to have their users be comfortable using their application. At work, people already have a lot on their plate. In the event of an emergency, it should be as easy as can be to ensure one’s safety.

Saving money is crucial for businesses to prosper and adding unnecessary expenses of course seems foolish. Considering emergency alert systems, moving to a mobile device based platform can decrease costs while leaving workers with a mindset of increased safety.

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