Incident 1

Women’s Health Center

A member came to the front desk asking for assistance with a woman in the sauna who was complaining of severe abdominal pain. When staff arrived, the member was visibly in pain and scared. She told the staff responder that she had pulled something in her abdomen, causing excruciating pain. She also said her back had locked up and felt tight. Her breathing was rapid and she was sweating profusely, likely caused by the sauna. The member began breathing normally after oxygen was provided. Medics checked her and the member declined transport.

Incident Step 1

Emergency Declared

Incident Step 2

Emergency categorized and details were shared regarding condition

Incident Step 3

Staff (offsite) inquired abut members state of consciousness and announced Medic onsite

Incident Step 4

Emergency resolved

Incident 2

Men’s Health Center

Staff was alerted to an emergency in the Men’s Health Center and when they arrived a member was on his hands and knees near the whirlpool. He felt dizzy, complained of being cold and passed out. Medics were called. Staff gave the member cool water and cool damp towels. Medics arrived and checked the member who ultimately declined transport.


The YMCA uses Punch on a regular basis for any situation that requires security staff awareness and communication.

  • Notify staff onsite and offsite of major events at the branch at the same time
  • Allows all staff responders to have access to emergency plans
  • Allows Branch Executives, Association Risk Manager, Association VP of Communications to be notified of major events at the same time
  • Provides an archive of incidents and communication to review with staff/others.
YMCA Phone 1
The YMCA uses the red alert button for:


• Irate customer at front desk

• Suspicious activity in locker room

• Member reporting stolen item from facility

• Member feeling ill or fainting

• Member serious injury on basketball court or sports field

• Serious weather approaching

YMCA Photos
YMCA Phone 2
The YMCA uses the blue button for:


• Maintenance Request

• Suggestion Box

• “Thumbs-Up” for Staff

• Hazards