The future of safety is
on your lifeguard’s wrist.

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Patron safety starts with lifeguards.

Rescue is your lifeguard’s new best friend.

The First of Its Kind

Rescue is a wearable device that alerts you and your team instantly when there’s an aquatic emergency.

Empower your lifeguards to save more lives with rescue.

Empower your lifeguards to solve this problem.

10 Kids
Drown Every Day.

Every year, about 3,500 children die in the United States from drowning.

Meet the first of its kind:
introducing rescue.

Proprietary water and fall detection alerts the rescue base station instantly which then alerts designated responders. Users can also press the recessed panic button to trigger an alert.

With its piercing siren and ultra bright LED lights, the rescue base station will never go unnoticed.

Built on standalone radio frequency dedicated for emergency use only. Rescue uses the latest IoT tech to ensure reliability and safety.