It is all about Community!

At Punch, we continue to look for ways to make people safer,
not only at work, but wherever they go.

911, Text to 911

You do not have to be part of an organization to use Punch Alert. When you open the Punch Alert app, your location will be captured and displayed on the Home screen. If you are in a situation where you need to send a “silent” message and you are in a Text-to-911 enabled area, pressing the red button will automatically create a text and send to 911. The text will indicate who you are, where you are, give your phone number, and indicate you need help. Click on Text to 911 for more information.

Text To 911

Punch Alert Local (PAL)

Through PAL you can connect to users nearby. You can request help by pressing the red button or give help by replying to a Help Request. Best of all you can keep those around you safer by posting safety tips, such as, a suspicious person or activity in the neighborhood or a hazard to avoid.

Public Networks

You can also join Punch public networks that have been enabled by local organizations using Punch Alert to protect their campuses. You will find available public networks in the Networks section of the Punch Alert app. Joining a public network will allow you to receive announcements from that organization, keeping you up-to-date on their events, or receive emergency alerts, keeping you safer while on their campus.

Public Network
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