A smarter safety app with outstanding usability and one revolutionary idea:

To believe in the power of good.

We believe that people are inherently good when given the right opportunity. The future of safety is apps and the smart-phone revolution has created an unprecedented opportunity for us to contribute.

We believe that safety is a problem that can be solved by working together. It is not just the job of government. It’s up to you, and your family, and your friends, organizations, and your communities. We all can play a role in safety.

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Why do we still only depend on outdated systems for this very important issue? When an incident happens like a flat tire or a robbery; you are usually not near someone you know. But you are usually near lots of good people you don’t know, why not use the power of modern technology to protect ourselves in this way?

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See Something,
Share Something.

How many times have you heard or read that phrase? But who do you report to when you do see something? Oftentimes the answer is unclear and meaningful incidents don’t get reported and witnesses move away without being able to have contributed their valuable knowledge.

With Punch Alert in everyone’s hands we can now always capture and report this information and have a place for it that is marked with an exact location.

This is an invaluable tool for law enforcement and public safety.

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Protect every moment, every campus, every community, every life, everywhere