Jun 28, 2017

Just in Time, the Importance of Mass Notification

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Students are taught to use their time wisely, and campuses can do the same by improving their system of mass notification. Though, we try to prevent crisis situations from occurring on campuses and take precautions [...]

May 16, 2017

5 Corporate Benefits of a Mobile Emergency Alert System Within a Business Enterprise

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As urban migration increases, more and more people are working in office spaces in giant corporate buildings. When examining an emergency alert system as a company wide safety platform, consider these 5 points for the [...]

Feb 13, 2017

Cost versus Investment: How Does Management View the Security Function?

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The term “Value” is one of those words like “suspicious” or “reasonable”; it means a little something different depending on who you ask to explain it. For security (a very important division for any company [...]

Dec 22, 2016

How to create an emergency plan for your office

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Even if rain isn’t in the forecast, most of us still store an umbrella somewhere. We all have a spare tire even though we don’t expect to get a flat. We still [...]

Dec 1, 2016

New law is aimed at protecting health care workers from violence

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Stronger workplace violence regulations demand a comprehensive, superior safety system. A national research study shows that health care workers are at a higher risk of workplace violence than the average worker. It [...]